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5 Ways To Rock Your Spring Curls

Chantel Teague
May 13th, 2020 · 1 min read

5 Ways To Rock Your Spring Curls

1. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

You can never go wrong with rocking your natural curl pattern. Try adding side braids, twits, hair jewelry or a pin-up style for a little “razzle dazzle.” Rocking your natural hair doesn’t always have to be a wash and go. The options for heatless curling is completely limitless. Try a braid out, bantu knots, straw sets, or flexi rods.

Source: Tia Mowry, @tiamowry via Instagram

2.Teased Waterfall Curls

Waterwave Curls

Waterfall curls worn in a half up-half down style or paired with a side braid goes well with bohemian-like dresses and apparel for the spring. It’s something about a loose curl that automatically adds either a romantical vibe or serenity to your aura.

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3.Curly Bob



Stylishly fashionable mix of loose curls! A blunt curly bob with a part or bangs gives edge a new meaning. You can still have sass with style while embracing your playful side.

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4.A Pop Of Color With A Wig



Think outside the box with a pop of color! Wigs are fun go-to hairstyles that allows you to switch up your look simultaneously while protecting your natural hair from heat, dye, and various weather conditions. It’s the perfect way to do something crazy and fun temporarily.

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5.Vintage Glam



Hello Old Hollywood! Vintage curls that takes us back to the Dorothy Dandridge era gives a sexy and sophisticated look within the curl. Honestly, this look can be worn so many ways. Don’t limit yourself to gowns and black-tie events. This hairstyle pairs well with jeans and a T-shirt. Add chunky statement pieces or subtle dainty jewelry, a pair of heels or spring boot.

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